Muzzles for Greyhounds, Wippets and other dogs

Plastic Coursing / Racing Muzzles

Here we can see the different Black and White Nylon Coursing / Racing Muzzles. There are extra holes which allow for adjustment to suit whether it it a dog, or a bitch.

All our coursing muzzle are made of one piece nylon and has rivets only on the sides. They are very smooth on the inside with no rough edges.

  • Single Piece Nylon Construction
  • Rivets only on the sides
  • Smooth on the Inside
  • Adjustable for Dog or Bitch
  • Customisable detail on leather straps
    (For orders of 10 or more)
  • images/productphotos/black-plastic-coursing-muzzle.jpg

    Black Plastic Nylon Coursing Muzzle.

    Black Nylon Racing Muzzle
  • images/productphotos/black-plastic-coursing-muzzle-front.jpg

    Rivets are only on the side of the Muzzle making it very smooth on the inside.

    Smooth inside on the Muzzle
  • images/productphotos/black-plastic-coursing-muzzle-bulk-order.jpg

    Bulk / Large Orders are welcome. Please get in touch if you would like to sell our muzzles.

    Discounts available on bulk purchases
  • images/productphotos/nylon-coursing-muzzle-bitch.jpg

    White Nylon Racing Muzzle. Note how it is cut back and adjusted for a Bitch.

    White Nylon Muzzle adjusted for a Bitch
  • images/productphotos/nylon-coursing-muzzle-customised-logo-dog-bitch-.jpg

    Customisable text and logo on leather straps.

    Customisable text and logo on leather straps.
  • images/productphotos/nylon-coursing-muzzle-bitch-2.jpg

    White Nylon Coursing Muzzle - for a Bitch. Note how it is cut back.

    White Nylon Coursing Muzzle
  • images/productphotos/nylon-coursing-muzzle-dog.jpg

    White Nylon Racing Muzzle. Side View.

    Side View of Racing Muzzle
  • images/productphotos/nylon-coursing-muzzle-dog-black.jpg

    Black Nylon Racing Muzzle showing adjustment holes for dog or bitch.

    Adjustable eyelets with leather straps.

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